Why Deka


We look at the detail: The founding concept of Deka Press is quality printing in the offset process, which means, paying attention to detail. Through our pioneering
exploration of this niche sector in the printing industry we have established ourselves as market leaders. The major key to Deka Press success is our heritage.
We come from a family that has been in the printing industry for more than 90 years.

We listen to our clients: The advantage of being present so many years in the market is that our wide arrays of clients always get all their particular needs. We aim to
please and are happy to provide bespoke products to our clientele. If you have an idea for a new product, we will be happy to embrace it
and use innovative concept, design and material to bring it to life.
Quality: Our mission is to ensure you receive the highest quality product; we only use the highest grade quality raw materials suitable for
the final use of our clients. Deka Press constantly strives to provide a product range that is both luxurious and easy to use.

Transparency and Honesty in our service: From its founding Deka Press is known for its honesty in the market. We never make promises we can`t keep, no matter how tempting the
offer is. By doing so, we created trust and loyalty throughout our entire network. Deka Press ensures that the service it provides will be
consistent, transparent and comprehensive from the moment a new business relationship is founded.



High performance through innovation and customer orientation! Our core skills are innovative packaging made from cardboard, self adhesive and paper. We are one of the leading suppliers in this sector and combine a wide range of knowledge, and a high level of specialization. We are always open to new ideas. Our customers in the brand-name product and service sectors profit both from our varied skills as well as from our high manufacturing depth. As a result we can develop individual complete solutions in the packaging and sales promotion sectors enabling our customers and their products.



Customer loyalty: We have been successfully working together with our most important customers for many decades.
This is convincing in the market and is the basis of new co-operation. Flexibility, efficiency and quality that's what customers want.
Deka Press delivers all three. We guide your product to the right person, to the right place, at the right time and for the right cost.

Customer satisfaction:In regular surveys, customers particularly value the following aspects: maximum quality, excellent service, innovative talent, creativity,
reliability, flexibility, expertise.

Market competence:We are at home in many sectors. Our customers profit from our market knowledge and industry expertise.



Dates, Facts and Figures Headquarters: Borg El Arab Industrial Zone - Alexandria ( Egypt ) Year of foundation: 1970 Employees: 70 Production area: 2000 square meters



Creativity through communication! Deka Press wants to be your printing partner. Today, nearly 70 employees work to prepare, print and distribute boxes,
labels and stickers of every shape and size. We do it quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.
That winning combination of people, technology and state-of-the-art equipment is ready to go to work for you.
Our comprehensive management responsibility puts people first, providing them with an environmentally friendly and safe quality workplace. Everyone adds inspiration, independence and social competence.
Our actions are geared towards a working atmosphere characterized by openness and trust as well as transparency both within the company
and to the outside world.
This is our advantage in the growing global, multi-cultural market of the future. Our involvement obviously goes beyond the factory gates.
We see ourselves as an active part of our region. We annually support societies and social institutions with a significant donation.



The “different” factory! People are becoming increasingly uneasy with materialism and the values arising from it.
These people are not just looking for jobs, but rather the meaning of life. We will strive to provide workplaces which correspond to
their values and in which well-being and humanity play an important part; after all, employees are the only truly valuable assets and therefore the central factor for success in every company. Money and other material bonuses are no longer sufficient for motivation.
In the future, the world of employment will be ruled by core values and sense. They create a feeling of emotional, intellectual and spiritual
safety and lead to more intelligent company strategies.

Our Promice


The Deka Press Promise: We promise to provide you with our complete commitment to be the best manufacturing partner for you that we can be.
We promise that we will never give you a date of delivery without being sure that it will be there on time.
We promise that we will provide you with the highest possible quality available in every single piece of merchandise that you receive.
We promise you nothing but transparency in every transaction that we make.